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Seemore is an eCommerce tool designed to keep all facets of your online store in check. By syncing with your store’s product data and 3rd party integrations, Seemore monitors your whole eCommerce ecosystem in one place.

Product Category Analytics
Product Visual Analytics

Say Hello to Seemore

Evaluate your data quicker with visual analytics that simply illustrate the impact of your integrations and product performance. Say goodbye to worry and hello to happy customers.

Daily eCommerce Report
Sales Data
Top Performing Products
Social Followers

Clearly see and understand your product data

Analyze data faster with detailed reports that give you a comprehensive look into what’s going on in your store. Keep others informed on the KPIs that matter most with shareable reports.

  • Executive Summary Report
  • Sales Report
  • Products Sold
  • Discounts
  • Returns
  • AOV / Average Basket Size
  • Top Customers
  • Forecasts
  • Variant Reports
  • Inventory Reports
  • Sell Through
  • Performance
  • Product Affinity
  • Checkout Recovery
  • Checkout Flow
  • And more…
Keeping a helpful watch over your eCommerce ecosystem.
Real Time Alerts
Low Inventory Alert Critical Alert
Price Mismatch Alert between Amazon and Shopify
Shipping Cost Analysis

Take the guesswork out of your online store

With real-time alerts, Seemore notifies you the moment something isn’t right - allowing you to keep attention and focus on your passion, and not your website.

You’ll get updates throughout the day on performance, sales, customer behavior, 3rd party integrations, and even industry news. Alerts are prioritized, so you can easily find and fix the errors that are the most critical to your bottom line.

Black Tank
Rockstar Product
Product Analytics Data

Simply Smart Analytics

Seemore offers deep product analytics and insights unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Say goodbye to multiple reports and stitching together bits of data to discover actionable insights. Seemore’s DPV (Deep Product View) offers real-time product feedback – giving you the power to manage, merchandise and incentivize more effectively.

Customer Trends
Shopping Cart Data
Traffic Source Analytics Data
Checkout Analytics

Understand customer trends in real-time

Identify customer selling and behavior trends in real-time. Understand how your customers are finding your store and what products are selling the most. You’ll always be ready to sell and ship your products.

  • Custom Dashboards
  • Visual Analytics
  • Sharable Reports
  • Real-time Alerts
  • Recommendations
  • Industry News
  • Customer Insights
  • Product Insights
Seemore Integration Monitoring

Keeping tabs on your integrations

Seemore partners with your favorite apps and tools, keeping all your data in one place. Stay organized and informed with a 360 view of all your stores 3rd party integrations. Missing your favorite tool? Let us know.

More integrations coming soon. Interested in partnering? Contact us

Be on the lookout. Seemore will be working with these fine eCommerce platforms very soon.